Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ganking in Shakes & Fidget

Ever check you mail to see that you were mercilessly attacked over and over by the same person every 10 minutes?  Well son, you've just been ganked!

Ganking is an acceptable part of the game.  Repeatedly attacking the same player over and over again results because of someone either farming honor off the person or from farming gold and honor.  The latter is a result of stupidity on the defender's part.  I can't count the number of times I've won a duel and got a crazy amount of gold as the reward becasue some idiot player is sitting with a lot of money still on his character for whatever reason.  Immidiately I think "Gold mine!  I then proceed to pummel the same fool over and over every 10 minutes until I "Bleed Him Dry" of all his foolishly stored gold.  So if you win a duel and get a nice chunk of change, proceed to pound that idiot over and over until you have stolen all his money, then move on to duel others, all the while looking for that idiot with the big bankroll to bleed as well.  Shakes & Fidget is all about your rise to the top and taking advantage of idiots is just part of the ganking game.

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